BigBangWebs Mission & Philosophy

BigBangWebs is a business with one primary goal. It is simply "to serve". Our focus and specialty is website and application development for small to medium sized business. Our projects utilize cutting edge technology to provide solutions customized to the needs of our clients.

For the last 15 years our passion for creating has inspired us to work in so many niches. From real estate to telecommunications to retail, sales, networking and more. Now, we can say our target market is almost everyone. Although we aim to serve every person, naturally, we cannot serve every business. We graciously select our projects much the same way our clients select us. This simply ensures we are able to provide the very best, focused services that fulfill the needs of our clients. So far, we have served small to medium size businesses and organizations. And we have loved it!

How inspiring it is to see a new idea come to light, then play a role in making that idea a reality in our world. Whether your project is large or small, private organization or public business, together we can have a positive impact on the market around you. While your project may not be the biggest one we have done, or the smallest, the ripples from the impact from our efforts create will change the level of your markets awareness of your brand. That's why those ripples are so important to us. And also why we love the power of networking on the web. As a business for profit we have to make money for our time. Our business model relys on repeat business. Our model is directed on maximum impact for fewer clients, rather than a minor impact for many. We carry very simple principles into our practices and relationship building.

When you partner with BigBangWebs, you gain access to all our resources. The more we help you, the more it helps us. It is that simple. Our goal is to support a community of organizations and businesses with whom we can all gain mutual benefit and growth through cross sales and services, referrals and recommendations. Ultimately, our aim is for the success of our clients. All BigBangWebs future members and clientele will receive access to these growing resources as they become available. So long as we continue working our plan to satisfy our customers we're confident the BigBangWebs-Customer relationship will continue to grow in the years to come.

As a business we will strive to be honest and transparent with our customers at all times. We will strive to perform every job with integrity and passion with the goals of our client in constant focus. We will strive to represent our company, customers to the highest level possible using every resource available to us. We enter into every project making sure that we and our customers have a clear understanding of expected outcome, schedule and cost. In so keeping, we present every customer with a project plan that covers all aspects of the job. Customers can observe our progress from their customer portal to track our work as we move toward completion. Our focus on the plan is paramount in the performance of your project, so in addition to your progress report, you will hear us mention it from time to time as we progress. While we at BigBangWebs strive for accuracy, we must confess we are only human. If and when we make a mistake, we will be honest and forthcoming about our error. As needed we will make right the wrong and move on toward our mutual best interests and a positive, happy outcome. As a company for profit, we have modeled our services to deliver the best value for the price we charge. We have priced our services into modular packages that can be added as needed by our customers in order to conform to many different budgets. We ask that our customers understand that these packages are the hallmark of our model. When properly implemented according to our recommendations, you can be assured a great result.

Finally, we believe that once your project is complete, you will find your money well spent and your web interests in good hands. We welcome you to BigBangWebs and are excited about our next mission. We hope that the next time we begin With a bang, it is with you! At BigBangWebs, you are our mission.

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